NTEN created the Nonprofit Technology Conference to help foster a world where all nonprofit organizations can effectively use technology for greater social impact. We are honored to be part of a community that values the exchange of smart, innovative, and effective ideas—just like we do. 

We submitted some exciting sessions for #18NTC (and we think you'll be excited about them, too!). We'd love for you to support our session proposals. Voting ends September 1.


Kissing the Frog and Other Stories: Real-world Content Strategy Methods for Your Nonprofit

The complex digital landscape can overwhelm even the most confident content creator. How do the various methods of content creation work together to elevate your brand and bring greater structure and depth to your organization’s entire digital ecosystem?

This lively, tip-filled session will explore practical approaches for creating flexible yet sustainable content creation systems and reveal new opportunities to connect your mission to your audience. We promise you’ll become your own hero, and leave this session with actionable real-life insights and tools to apply to your own work right away. No frogs needed. 



How to Use the Power of Social Advertising to Move Minds, Votes, and Wallets

Last year was a BIG election year, and multi-millions were spent on moving audiences hard and fast to vote in the elections. Then there was the aftermath, which created a huge surge in fundraising dollars. Social advertising emerged as one of the powerhouse tools used to change minds, advocate for change, and acquire new names and donors—at a very affordable cost. Learn from experts on how to set up your own audience-targeted social advertising campaigns to expand your supporter and donor list. 



The New Frontier: Digital Acquisition 3.0

Learn from some of the most innovative nonprofits about the new ways they’re using digital to grow their donor and email base. They will share examples of acquisition tactics, successes, and even some of the challenges, like attribution. The speakers will also give you their take on the future of digital donor acquisition and how their organizations are preparing for it.



Not (Just) Another Meeting: Collaborative Tools & Techniques that Disrupt “Business as Usual”

Meetings are a necessary evil. While there’s no substitute for getting your team together, an ineffective meeting can also deplete everyone’s morale and creativity—and let’s face it, most meetings are ineffective. But there’s a better way.

In this hands-on session, we’ll dive into a set of activities, tools, and techniques to help your team work as a group to break apart problems, expose underlying issues, and build on each other’s ideas. Pulled from the world of design thinking and improv comedy, these low-budget, high-impact techniques quickly generate product ideas and build consensus. After this session, you’ll be able to take these games and activities back to your team and disrupt “business as usual” to get the most out of your next meeting.



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