Adwords Reporting on Steroids

I just sat through the second in a series of N10 webinars, Google Grants Advanced Series: Maximizing Your Google Grant To Meet Your Organization’s Goals. The seminar explained how to integrate Google Analytics with Google Grants to achieve better results. I found it helpful because the reporting tools in Google Grants really only tell you part of what you need to know about your existing campaign and won’t help you at all with setting it up in the first place.

Go to the main dashboard of Google Analytics for example and drill down within the visitors tab to the map overlay report. Here you can see which regions people who visit your site are coming from which can help guide your decision on which regions to focus your campaign on.

Under the traffic sources section go to keywords and then non-paid, to find the keywords people are entering in organic search to find your site. Look at the ones that seem valuable and corporate them into your Adwords campaign to gain even more visitors.

To find information about your existing campaigns, again go to traffic sources and click on the Adwords link. Under site usage you can drill down and examine each campaign, ad group and keyword to see how many pages per visitor, time on your site, visits, and bounce rate (site abandonment) each one leads to.
It’s easy to identify poor performers by comparing each campaign’s bounce rate to the site average and then making necessary adjustments at the ad group or keyword level.

Using the dimension pull down menu under site usage you can segment on other criteria as well. Which campaign for example is performing the best for a particular region you are targeting? Armed with this information you may decide to devote more advertising dollars to this campaign if that region is important to you.

Under the goals tab you can also drill down to the ad group and keyword level to determine which aspects of your campaign are leading to conversions such as a newsletter sign-up or a donation and which ones may need to be tweaked or eliminated.

Part three of this four part series continues this Friday with Optimizing Your Google Grants Ads and Keywords.

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