Are you ready for Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

Back in February, Google announced that an Enhanced Campaigns upgrade was coming to AdWords. Up until now, marketers have had the option to activate this upgrade. However, on Monday, July 22nd, the Enhanced Campaigns upgrade will be implemented across all AdWords accounts, whether you’re ready for it or not.

A view of Enhanced Campaigns upgrading process

A view of the Enhanced Campaigns upgrading process

So what exactly is the Enhanced Campaign upgrade?
The Enhanced Campaign upgrade provides you with significantly more control over your bidding strategy. Specifically, in the area of bid adjustments, allowing marketers to manage bids for ads across devices, locations, time of day, etc . With this upgrade, marketers have a greater ability to optimize and target ads to a much more specific audience. In addition, the Enhanced Campaign upgrade provides advanced reporting that moves into the new multi-device world – providing the ability to measure new conversion types; for example, the number of times an app is downloaded or a call is placed directly from an ad.

Are you ready for it?

Now that AdWords is taking multiple devices into account, make sure that your site is ready! One of the downsides to this upgrade is all implemented ads will automatically show on mobile. If you don’t have a mobile optimized experience you might end up paying for traffic that doesn’t convert. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized version of your website I would suggest setting the bid for mobile ads to $0 so that they won’t appear.

If you aren’t ready but want to be, Beaconfire can help by:
• Creating a mobile optimized or responsive version of your website or pages so that you can take advantage of this traffic.
• Fine tuning your bidding strategy to take advantage of ebbs and flows of traffic to you website based on time and day of week.

Check back here soon for more AdWords tips and tricks and other digital marketing news and announcements.

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