ASAE Annual Meeting Blog Roundup

Rather than trying to summarize everything that happened at the ASAE Annual Meeting in San Diego in one post, it struck me that it might be better to handle it as a blog roundup of the Best of the Association Blogosphere.

We should start with ASAE’s official blog Acronym.  ASAE did something clever this year:  rather than placing responsibility for officially blogging the meeting on the already-overburdened shoulders of ASAE staff, they recruited a series of guest bloggers to post items to Acronym.  And post they did – more than 60 separate entries over the course of the month surrounding the meeting.  If it happened at the Annual Meeting, somebody probably covered it for Acronym.

One of the best sessions I personally attended was Maddie Grant and Jeff De Cagna’s Pecha Kucha session on Tuesday afternoon, August 19.  Maddie’s comments can be found here.  Jeff’s can be found here.  My own take on the session is also online at this point.  You can also get the slides themselves through Slideshare.

BloggerCon and BloggerUnCon were pretty major events, which featured the launch of the A List Bloggers network and of the executive summary of the results of the Association Social Technologies Survey.  Ben Martin talks about the two sessions pretty extensively in his recap of ASAE post, and I wrote a pretty thorough recap of the two sessions as well.

Andy Steggles accidentally started a firestorm with his not-part-of-the-official-program Secret Session.  I figured it was a live test of social media at work in a real association community – and it really worked, as a Google search returns over 10,000 entries – but it also led to an interesting debate, referred by Andy, between Jeff De Cagna and Terrance Barkan on the future of social media in associations.  The whole thing was recorded and has been posted to YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, ASAE also recorded post-session interviews with a number of this year’s annual meeting speakers talking about issues including diversity, global competition, innovation, and various types of social media.  I was honored to be included in the interviews amongst such luminaries as Patti Digh and Rohit Talwar.

Of course, no post about the 2008 ASAE Annual Meeting would be complete without a mention of the YAP 80s/90s Dance Party extravaganza.  The pictures are all over Acroynm, Flickr, and Facebook, but I think Bob Wolfe summed up the importance of this group best in his post:  Social Media is My Dance Floor.

In conclusion, all I can say is:  Fogdirog!  (And thank you, Captain Fogdirog, aka Jamie Notter.)

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