Beaconfire Survey: Social Networks

Editor’s note: socnets Periodically, we do a survey of Beaconfire staff to get impressions on a variety of non-profit technology issues. All opinions expressed here are solely those of their authors. With so many social networks out there, every one appeals to a different audience. This week, we thought we’d ask: Which social networks do you have a profile in?

Eve, Creative Director: Facebook, Linked in, and Dogster

Lynn, Principal Consultant: Facebook and LinkedIn

Jeff, Principal Consultant: Facebook (more lurker than active but have over 100 friends), LinkedIN (I use this quite a bit for connecting with former colleagues, partners and even for recruiting), Terrapin Alumni Network (have profile but found few of my college classmates were on yet. It was early after its launch so worth another look), and MySpace (I believe I have a profile but haven’t used it but once).

Michael, Principal Consultant: The active ones are LinkedIn & Facebook for me.

Kate, Administrative Assistant: I currently use Facebook regularly, after having canceled my Myspace profile a few months ago. I also have a random smattering of profiles on blogs and other things that may tangentially be considered “social networks,” but they’re ill used, so I’ll leave them out.

Andrew, Project Manager: Facebook and LinkedIn

John Brian, Marketing Consultant: I’m on Facebook every day, Flickr once a week, LinkedIn once a month, and Twitter when I go to conferences and such as a way to micro-blog. I was really pulling for Essembly to make it, but it never got anywhere.

Taylor, Software Engineer: I only use Facebook. When it first opened up I was attracted to its privacy settings and it seemed much more reputable than myspace. As it has loosened up, i.e.:

  • Opening fb up to users under the age of 18
  • Allowing external developers to design their own applications,
  • Adding the ability for external sites to send feeds about your actions to your fb profile,

I have considered ending my account, but what it boils down to in my mind is that if you are careful and stay informed about your privacy settings and how they change then fb is a fairly secure place to be. It is also an incredible networking, information sharing and social media tool.

Tim, Functional Consultant: In order from most used to least:

  • Facebook
  • Shelfari
  • MySpace
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Twitter

Erika, Operations Manager: I use LinkedIn. It’s not only a great way to keep in touch with former colleagues, but it’s also a useful recruiting tool. It enables me to post job openings for Beaconfire and send them out through my network (or post directly to the entire LinkedIn network). Personal referrals are still the best way to find a job and, from a recruiting standpoint, it’s always better to find candidates who are recommended by people you know and trust. It reminds me of the old shampoo commercials — you tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on.

Brad, Functional Consultant: Actually use: Facebook, LinkedIn. Have but don’t use: MySpace, Friendster, Yahoo Mash, Twitter (might use Twitter more). Also, it’s not a social network exactly, but I use Highrise to manage my contacts

Ali, Marketing Consultant: Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Delicious are my four big ones.

Elizabeth, Senior Consultant: I use Facebook and Linkedin pretty extensively. ASAE has started their own internal social networking feature, and I’m cooperating, but I think the horse may have already bolted on that one (there are multiple ASAE and association groups on both FB and Linked). I joined Naymz because several people asked me to, but I never use it. And the DC Rollergirls are all on MySpace, so I keep up with derby news there, but I don’t have a profile set up.

Mark, Functional Consultant: Here are mine:

  • Yahoo groups
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Linked In
  • Flickr

Marissa, Functional Consultant: I’m in Facebook and Goodreads, though I use Goodreads more as a place to maintain the list of books I want to read, rather than a social network.

Kristin, Project Manager: Linked in, Facebook, Yahoo Groups

With new social networks popping up every day, this is bound to increase. In case you’re keeping score at home, of the 16 Beaconfire employees who answered, 15 included Facebook and 12 included LinkedIn!

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