The Buzz at Beaconfire: April 22, 2011

A couple good reads for you from the Buzz before we hop off into a chocolate and jellybean induced sugar coma.

Mmm.  Popcorn smells good!How does Netflix deliver amazing user interfaces to over 400 devices?

Well?  FunctionSource did a deep dive interview on the full cycle Netflix process.  We think it sounds heavenly.   Beaconfire eye witnesses concur with the article’s description of the Netflix building. In fact, it so blends in with the apartment buildings nearby that they almost missed it on a mission to return their Netflix movie to Netflix HQ.  They also vouch for the fresh popcorn in the lobby.

Conversation Is the New Attention

Now that conference season is wrapping up, we have a little time to think about what made the great presentations great.  Probably not the cool Power Point template – although we do have an eye for strong aesthetic.  No, it’s predominantly the power of the speaker to draw you into the topic, make you care and make you want to engage. A recent post on A List Apart explores how social media is raising the bar on audience expectations and facilitating the conversation between presenter and audience.

Have I Got a Story for You!

You know your organization does important work.  Does anyone else?  Using stories to convey your message, not dry facts and figures, will help people put your cause in context.  Looking for inspiration?  You’re in luck – there are some great examples of visual storytelling over at SocialBrite.

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