The Buzz at Beaconfire: Feb. 4, 2011

We decided that the title “What We’re Reading” didn’t really do justice to the breadth of what we covered in our weekly chat posts.  Especially given that the on-going discussion of the Grilled Cheese Truck was not exactly ‘reading’.  So we re-named this series “The Buzz at Beaconfire” to more accurately reflect its contents.

And so you ask, “what’s the buzz this week?”

Ever wonder if you are better suited to be a Jedi Knight or an Ewok Chief?  Look to the Star Wars Job Flow Chart.  Revealed to you, the truth will be.

We’ll be keeping our eye on BlogDash, a new tool for blogger outreach.  We think its effectiveness will depend on how widely it is adopted.  Are you using it?  What do you think?

Who says running a nonprofit is a piece of cake?  It’s a tough task – even for Google. While we are pretty big Google fans (love those analytics!), this piece in the NY Times piece on Google’s DotOrg philanthropy effort shows that even the big guys face challenges.  Although, when your name is “Dr. Brilliant” it just may be second nature to set unreasonably high expectations.

And, because a week without grilled cheese is like a week without sunshine, check out Grilled Cheese Social, a blog about… you guessed it… Grilled Cheese!

Are you excited about the epic stuff you just read?

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