The Buzz at Beaconfire: June 17, 2011

Follow Me

This week we learned about a new Twitter ‘instant follow’ button.  This one allows users to follow you on Twitter without ever having to leave your webpage. Wonder where, oh where, to put yet another social networking icon?  This one should go near your other ‘universal’ social networking icons, as opposed to the Tweet This / Share This icons that ride closer to the content well.  See the instant follow button in action on HuffingtonPost (above the global navigation bar) or Mashable (in the right side “Subscribe to Mashable” bar).

Geeking out with Microformats

Google, Yahoo! and Bing (and others) have joined forces to create a standard for the markup of structured metadata around organizations, products, people, places, people, events, reviews, etc.

Why should you care? Search engines rely on this markup to improve the display of search results, making it easier for people to find the right web pages. Or, as they put it…

By adding additional tags to the HTML of your web pages—tags that say, “Hey search engine, this information describes this specific movie, or place, or person, or video”—you can help search engines and other applications better understand your content and display it in a useful, relevant way. Microdata is a set of tags, introduced with HTML5, that allows you to do this.

Find out more about the microdata format at

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