The Buzz at Beaconfire: March 25, 2011

Language Nerdiness

AP Style Guide Drops the Hyphen from Email

Finally! It is perfect timing too because Beaconfire has just switched over to using the AP Style Guide with the launch of our refreshed logo and website. Before this announcement, there was an internal staff debate whether we could all handle the shift to using “e-mail”. Now we don’t have to decide.

Oxford English Dictionary Features OMG and LOL

Just announced this month, the Oxford English Dictionary Online has decided to include noteworthy initialisms OMG and LOL. Already on the list are IMHO (‘in my humble opinion’), TMI (‘too much information’), and BFF (‘best friends forever’).


Web and Mobile Marketing

Key Tips for Mobile Web Design Strategy
Mobile websites are becoming more common as businesses and organizations realize that a growing number of people access the internet over their smartphone. Microsoft Tag predicts that mobile usage will overtake desktop usage by 2014.

With that in mind, perhaps you’re an organization who already has a website, but wants to engage more users through mobile, or you’re creating a totally new website and starting fresh. In that case, you need to consider implications for a mobile website from the start. Check out Mashable’s 10 Key Considerations for Your Mobile Web Design Strategy.

Google Analytics Rolls Out New Dashboard

Google will be launching a new Analytics in the near future, and to get things started they’ve begun rolling out the newly designed dashboard to select users. The new dashboard will be customizable with user-selected widgets and give you the ability to have more than one dashboard in order to track multiple initiatives.

Color Mobile Photo App Takes Social Interaction to a New Level

New App Alert – Color, made by Color Labs, allows you take pictures and then share them with people within 100 feet of you. Keep in mind that the sharing of these new photos takes place with anyone in that 100 foot radius who is also using Color. For example, we tested in our office today and saw some shots of another business’ team meeting, including white board notations. Just keep in mind that if you’re going to use Color, you may want to be selective about the photos you take. The app is available for iPhone and Android.


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