The Buzz at Beaconfire: May 6, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day! Before we call it a week and rush off to shower our mothers’ with flowers and praise, here are just a few brief things from the Buzz this week…

Information Architecture talks about their recent work with NYT and paywalls

Can you make paywalls work in an environment like the internet, where information is bound to exist in more than one place at any given time? Or are there better methods out there for monetizing your service? IA talks about the difficulties NYT has had with implementing paywalls on their content, and focusing instead on polishing their product so that they can make a premium delivery worthwhile to their (paying) customers.

Slacktivism for the digitally inclined

Sparked launches the concept of microvolunteering for the busy lives of every day internetters. Based on the idea that, in these days, our free times exists in small moments between our other tasks throughout the day, Sparked attempts to capitalize on these opportunities by providing users the chance to volunteer in small chunks, as they have availability.

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