The Buzz at Beaconfire: September 16, 2011

Happy Belated Programmer Day! This past Tuesday’s “holiday” was brought to our attention through this rather amusing article.

The day was marked with a lack of flowers, breakfast in bed or greeting card. Let it be know however, this != lack of appreciation! Perhaps the PMs will fare better on their holiday by assigning everyone a task to observe it ;).

Here are some other topics of interest on the Beaconfire back channel this week:


If you are familiar with Tom’s Hardware, you know that they take their testing/benchmarking very seriously. Interested in how the current batch of browsers stack up against each other?,3013.html

This is the table of results if you want to jump right to the nitty-gritty:,3013-16.html

And the Winner(s):,3013-17.html


It seems as though Flash has be un-invited from yet another party. In the article “Microsoft jettisons Flash with ‘plug-in free’ Windows 8 Metro IE10“, Josh Ong talks about how IE10 will be a “plug-in free experience”. Some thoughts from the BF team:

Great. Now all we’ll have left will be javascript. Building a decent app with jscript is like building an Eiffel tower out of toothpicks.

MS, Apple (now the twin evil empires), so you got rid of Flash. What have you done to extend javascript standards so we don’t have to load up libraries to perform simple operations like read and write cookies? Have decent inheritance? Interfaces? Socket ops? You know, things other true OO languages have had for some 20 odd years?

I’m just waiting for a decent new OO language, fully interpreted by the browser. Let’s ditch js.

I pretty much agree with you about Javascript, but are you actually saying that Flash is better for web apps simply because ActionScript is OO? You’re mad. Mad I tell you. Mad!


There are quite a few geeky parents here at Beaconfire. As such, a couple good kids book suggestions popped up recently:

Tell us about any other geeky kids books you know of!

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