Facebook Timelines Roll Out for Brands – What This Means for Your Org

Notice a change in your favorite brand’s Facebook page yesterday? The new Facebook Timeline rolled out for brands yesterday and it led to a number of questions around what it means in terms of making the switch, and more importantly how nonprofits can take advantage of the new layout and features. “The goal is to make Pages more engaging and more social,” said Gokul Rajaram, Facebook’s product director for ads. It is also designed to remind users that organizations have identities that are worth connecting with on a personal level. Engaging consumers and donors alike is all about making that deeper, more social connection.

So, what changed?

  • Brand/Company/Organization pages now reflect the updated personal pages that have been out for a few months now.
  • The most immediate thing you’ll notice on the new page is a really big picture called the “cover photo.” The social web is becoming more visual as evidenced by the surge of Pinterest. This cover photo can be seen as a big space for advertising, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Use this photo as a way to show what your organization is about, maybe the people behind it, maybe your office, field offices, food banks, volunteers. Change it up frequently to give users a reason to come back to your page.
  • No more tabs! Instead, you’ll find the tab content in the boxes below the cover photo. The functionality can stay in tact, but if you’re making the migration it’s a great time to streamline and prioritize exactly what you want users to do when they are on your page. Sign up for your newsletter? Engage in a quiz or play a game?
  • Admins can make certain pieces of copy “sticky” on the page for an extended period of time, so when your organization makes news or you have an urgent appeal going on it won’t slip down your page.

You can read more about the changes to Facebook pages for brands on Mashable.


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