Happy Birthday, Twitter! My, how you’ve grown…

Celebrating its 6th birthday with 140 million monthly users and over 340 million tweets every day (that’s one billion tweets every 3 days!), Twitter is growing up quickly from social network to a true platform for, yes, socializing, but also information gathering and activism. Sure, Twitter is still where I share my most ridiculous thoughts, but it’s also where I go to learn about product launches and special deals from my favorite brands and breaking national and international news from networks and organizations I support.

Not everyone actively tweets, but 100% of users are listeners, according to Twitter.  Those are your constituents, your current or future activists and donors, who see or seek your tweets and can immediately share your news, information or desired social action with their network, exponentially building the reach of your message effortlessly. If what you’re saying or asking is compelling.

How do you reach those people to begin with? How do you build your Twitter following in the first place? A few quick tips:

  • Search for your organization’s name using Twitter Search and follow anyone talking about you. It’s common Twitter practice to “follow back” anyone who follows you so this is a natural way to get people to pay attention
  • Search for relevant terms that surround your mission and follow people talking about that
  • Follow your followers’ followers! Most likely, the people following you have friends that share similar interests, so connect with them, as well!
  • Tweet using “juicy” terms that users may be searching for, and include them in your Twitter bio. SEO is important in Twitter, as well.

Once you get your audience building, Tweet with a purpose – share articles about your cause that would interest your constituents, ask how your followers feel about a certain topic, or ask them to take action  such as tweet at their congressmen, visit a certain website or make a donation. Tweet and ye shall receive followers, retweets and action. The key for marketers is making and fostering “connections” – immediate and actionable bits of information and calls to action that are seen by and shared amongst millions and millions of users every second of every day.

There are other ways to get attention for your organization including paid “promoted” products that I’ll share with you in my next post!

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