IUE-CWA’s Web Site Redesign Launched

Beaconfire has been working with IUE-CWA to redesign their Web site over the past few months, and the site went live last week. Built on the GetActive CMS/CRM platform, it includes several new and innovative features, a completely new aesthetic, and substantially more content than the previous site.

One interesting addition to the site is a Recommended Reading area tied to specific pages through the site. The content of this area, which is links to external Web sites and resources, is managed through a Del.icio.us tagging system. This enables IUE-CWA to have any number of people within the organization easily flag relevant links as they are browsing the Web and push them out to their Web site (via a Del.icio.us RSS feed) within an appropriate context.

Another area of the site uses a Spry-based widget combined with Yahoo Pipes to automatically populate relevant news from a number of sources, and allows the user to browse through the news via a simple back/forward/pause mechanism. The feed itself will be an ever-evolving creature — as time goes by, sources will be added and removed, and new filters will be applied, leading to a more relevant and powerful tool iteratively over time.

As part of the redesign process, we worked with IUE-CWA to take a substantial amount of their print materials and convert them for use on the Web. This should greatly improve the availability and distribution of key information to their various audiences.

To take a look at the new site, visit http://www.iue-cwa.org.

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