New Site from AICPA Helps with Taxes

360 Degrees of TaxesOn December 15, 2010, we launched a brand new Website for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) called 360 Degrees of Taxes ( 360 Degrees of Taxes is intended for a consumer audience, specifically people interested in or having questions relating to their taxes and tax planning. It provides an Ask a CPA feature, myriad tools and calculators, answers to common questions, year round planning advice, a glossary, and much more.

It is the third site that we have created with AICPA and the Ad Council using the same instance of eZ Publish CMS over the past 18 months (one of the other two is not yet publically launched, and the first was in March 2010). Although each has a distinctive look, it is clear that they belong to the same brand family. In addition, being in the same eZ Publish instance, we were able to leverage a number of existing structures, layouts, and features to reduce the time and budget required for each subsequent Website.

We are happy and proud to be working with AICPA and Ad Council on these projects to help promote and support financial literacy!

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