NTC Reflections: Confessions of a Twitter Convert

I’m into tech. But as I confessed in yesterday’s reflection, there are few pieces of tech I do not possess. One was a Twitter account.

But after NTC, that all changed.

I’ve sung variations on a theme of Twitter detractors: Who has the time for all this; Is anyone really so important that we need to know what they are doing all the time; The 140 character limit is destroying the English language.

But I was thoroughly impressed with the use of Twitter at NTC. Tweeters took notes, asked questions, and gave feedback during the sessions. This was extremely useful to the presenters. And you could get many of the highlights of panels you were not able to attend (check out the tweets of the Data, Data Everywhere panel). And as a presenter, I was able to easily response to post-presentation questions and load a few URLs.

So now I’ve jumped on board the Twitter express. I’m not sure how long I’ll stay on, but while I’m here, you can follow me at @mjgoldsmith.

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