Each year we identify the broad subject areas where we believe we should invest energy and time to ensure we remain a cutting edge agency best able to help our clients execute on their mission. Below are this years Innovation Themes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topics we’ve chosen, or those you think we missed. Please share in the comments!

1. Technical (and other) Innovations in Marketing
As a full-service digital agency we regularly involve members from our talented marketing and analytics teams in the websites and applications we design and build for our clients. Their expertise brings a unique insight into our designs and builds making the products we build better, more actionable and more measurable. In 2017, a smart digital marketing strategy goes far beyond writing great e-mail or website copy. Our team of developers and UX designers bring a unique perspective into every project we work on, enhancing the technical and design elements of our work. This year we are committed to bringing the latest technical (and other) innovations in digital marketing to our work on behalf of our non-profit and association clients.

In an ever changing digital world Beaconfire RED is constantly evaluating marketing automation tools, personalization techniques and ways to target your audience. We have the expertise to merge content strategy with technical implementation by categorizing your primary audiences and content in your CMS (like Drupal or SiteCore), allowing us to analyze how your audience’s are digesting and interacting with content. Knowing more about your audience’s interests and motivations for consuming content can lead to a more strategic programmatic approach to marketing segmentation. Marketing automation can then be used to engage with constituents, based on their behavior and interest in your organization’s work whether it's reading email, interacting with you on social media or donating in support of programs that interest them. We can personalize content, messaging or cadence based on constituent’s behavior and use micro-targeting to better cultivate and acquire leads and donors or members.

We're always looking to push the envelope for our clients, but in 2017, we're going to focus additional efforts and energy on this area leveraging multiple internal teams including UX designs, data analysts, and tech experts to push the envelope for all marketing projects.

2. Don't Stop Collaboratin'
Remember the old joke that there’s no “I” in team?  While this is very true, it only scratches the surface of the critical role that collaboration plays when creating innovative digital experiences.

At Beaconfire RED, we’re always looking for out-of-the-box ways to work together, both internally and with our clients.  Over the last few years, we have had great success exploring highly collaborative processes including design sprints, agile development methods, hackathons and pickle cake parties (a funny name for a cross-functional project review – more on this later!). But that’s just the start.

In 2017 we’re committed to turbo-charging our collaboration efforts.

Whether it’s bringing together a mix of unique voices in the early concepting process or creating project tools that share a cohesive visual language across teams, watch this space to see how our collaborative design and development methodologies continue to grow and evolve.




3. Designing and Building Immersive Solutions
The internet has become a tool for more than flat content delivery. Users have come to expect a higher level of immersiveness and interactivity. Beaconfire RED will continue to envision and build these for our clients. In 2016 we developed all types of client solutions for the web: mobile apps, FB Canvas ads, data visualizations, HTML video games, mini website apps and back-end alert systems.

Not only do these interactive experiences help clients meet their goals, they frequently let us work with cutting-edge development frameworks like Angular and React as well as hybrid mobile platforms including Ionic and PhoneGap. Moving forward we expect to not only increase our use of these tools but also to keep current with industry trends.

As users' interactions with organizations continue to expand beyond just the content on their websites, there will be a growing amount of opportunities for non-profits to achieve their digital goals through creative interactive experiences and rich platforms. We're committed to helping our clients imagine new ways to engage their audiences. If you are a non-profit looking to explore new interactive experiences like mobile apps, video games, data visualizations or immersive digital ads, now is the time to give it a shot!

Eve Simon, Thomas Taylor, Anthony Veach, Sara Hoffman & Jenny Saulson contributed to this post.

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