Quick and Easy Timelines with Circavie

Over a year ago AOL launched Circavie for creating interactive timelines.

With your AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account, you can log into Circavie and start creating timelines by uploading photos or directing Circavie to the URL of your photos and/or YouTube videos. Add your own commentary, and you are ready to go. You can embed your timeline on your Web site, just as you would a YouTube movie.
Check out this history of Beaconfire, which took less than a half an hour to create:

As a free product, Circavie does have its limitations. If you embed your timelines on your Web site, you will have Circavie branding on them. And there is very little available in the way of customizing the look of your timeline – just a few color choices. Circavie also does not yet offer any integration with other photo sites, such as Flickr (though perhaps someone could invent a handy Flickr API applicaitons to fix that). So if your timeline needs are very complex, you may need a more robust tool. But for getting a basic timeline up in no time, Circavie is an excellent tool.

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