“Respecting your users” at SXSW

Is acquiring an email address for your new campaign more important than having good user experience?  How about securing a donation?  Online marketing is full of temptations to toss user experience aside in the aggressive pursuit of conversions.  Let’s face it: marketers have a bad reputation when it comes to respecting your users.

That’s the issue we’ll dive into in the panel “It’s not all about you: respecting your users” at next year’s South by Southwest conference.  Or (ahem) we will, if you vote for it to be picked!  You can read the full description, vote, and comment to tell SXSW that you think this is a great topic: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/ideas/view/3738

We’ll take a look at some of the usability sins most often committed by marketers (many of whom know better), why these abuses are so tempting, and ultimately, why a practice of respectful interactions and positive user experience may be the best marketing you can do.

It’s not just marketers, either.  Most of us are guilty sometimes of putting our own interests above those of our users, even though our users are the most valuable part of your website.  Are you?  Confess!

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