So what does a UX Designer do, anyway?

If you ask two User eXperience (UX) designers what they do, you’ll get two different answers.   But if you ask five different UX designers the same question, brace yourself.  They might just huddle up, conduct some preliminary user research, run a quick focus group, design and execute and analyze a cardsort, and then create a process flow to help you understand a day in the life of a UX designer.  Be careful what you ask for, my friends.

When I get this question (which is often), my answer varies based on who is asking and the circumstances of the question but not because I’m trying to be cagey.  UX designers are responsible for a wide range of tasks across a project – but they are always, always, ALWAYS focused on making a site (or application or game or software or tool) easier and more intuitive and, hopefully, more delightful for the user. It’s all about matching the task with the right technique to achieve it, so your UX designer should be your BFF on every project.

Last week I ran across this fun video from UXmastery that digs deeper into the definition of UX design.  Check it out and, if you think, “Yes! That’s what I (want to) do!” apply for Beaconfire’s opening for a UX/IA Lead.  We’ve been looking for you.

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