Speeches that don’t make our eyes glaze over

We’ve all listened to speeches or heard presentations that have made our eyes glaze over, if not put us right to sleep. And we’ve probably given of few of those speeches ourselves.   In order to avoid putting our listeners to sleep, Christine Clapp’s article about Interesting Informative Speeches includes 5 key suggestions which really resonated with me:

1) Get your audience to care about the topic: Find out before the speech why your topic is important to them and adapt your speech to emphasize those points.

2) Keep focused: Do not stray from a clear and focused message. Avoid getting into too many details, thus can come up in Q&A if the audience is interested in more information

3) Tie in a theme: Figure out a theme that might work throughout your speech and incorporate examples which tie in that theme.

4) Include interesting material: Tell stories or include interesting, graphic visual aides which will help the audience remember your speech.

5) Get the audience involved: Don’t let the audience just sit there! Include them by asking questions, giving them a quiz, ask them to imagine something, etc to keep them involved.

From first-hand experience, audience involvement and focused presentations have always made more lasting impressions on me.  And the other suggestions really make sense.  Christine has conducted two training sessions with Beaconfire: creating effective presentations and improving public speaking. The above suggestions really round out that training so hopefully my next presentation will not include any droopy eyes!

To find out more about Christine’s company, Spoken with Authority, go here: www.spokenwithauthority.com.  The information above came from her newsletter and you can sign up for it here: http://spokenwithauthority.com/site/resources/newsletter/

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