SxSW Travelogue – Day 3

Howdy from Austin. I’m going to be using today’s space for larger thoughts than can fit in Twitter (140 characters cramps my style. Though some would argue it could use some cramping), along with links. But for more up to the minute updates, check my Twitter feed at Previous updates on days 0, 1, and 2 here. -John Brian

11:41: First, I just got back from the Facebook party, where I was interviewed by ABC News as part of their partnership with Facebook. Let’s hope I talked too fast for the 5 minute segment to be used; after being at the conference for almost four days, I may be looking pretty grizzly. I’m not seeing it anywhere on Facebook or ABC yet, but will post a link if it appears.

Second, the party itself was also pretty excellent – for anyone staying for the music festival, they have another party later this week for you, but pre-register to avoid the line.

Third, tomorrow’s the last day of panels, and I’m not as impressed by the lineup; there’s general consensus that they frontloaded the good panels, and I’ve heard grumbling that they scheduled panels for similar interests at the same time (to be fair, some of that grumbling was coming from me). Any insights on panels that I shouldn’t miss? Check the list and leave a comment.

Lastly, one BF Wire reader today suggested I post these updates in chronological order rather than reverse cron, since I refer to things from earlier. I pointed out that I run them this way so you don’t have to go below the fold to see if there’s new content. What do you prefer? Leave a comment with your opinion, which we’ll use to format our blog coverage of NTC next week.

Post-lastly, if you’re going to be at NTC, sign up to our Facebook event invite so we know to find you – there’s a good portion of the Beaconfire team going, and we don’t want to miss seeing you!

2:23: Here are some more photos from this morning (I’ve moved the others below the fold to allow for easier scrolling to earlier posts; check flickr for full size):


The corridors were filled with masses of hallway bloggers – maybe there were power outlets on this wall?


The Dell lounge – like many Dell products, it has proprietary hardware that keeps you from adding your own peripherals, like a roof. But there were regular live acoustic performances, which was cool.


The Opera booth was the place to be, and I don’t think they were even giving out swag. Buzz there was mostly around Opera mini and the Opera install as the browers for Wii. Firefox didn’t have a presence.


I shot this walking into True Stories from Social Media Sites. It was a pretty popular panel, with some pretty well-known names. When asked who here used Twitter, about 75% raised their hands – I’d be interested to see what that percentage is at NTC.


The Zappos guys were handing out rain ponchos at all the exits at noon. Smart way to get their brand out there – my #1 rule of swag is "Make it something useful to me, not just branded placement for you." As a result, ponchos and shot glasses get kept, stickers and T-shirts get tossed. I’d like to think that BF’s booklights and Magic 8 Balls are in the "keep" category.

More pics from the conference tomorrow.

1:14: Didn’t get a chance to start a post this morning, and starting a new post in WordPress on an ipod is pretty much impossible, but as a consolation, I finally got around to taking some photos. So here they are (captions below, full size version are on flickr):

Blogger Lounge

The bloghaus was pretty packed. It also had free sodas and snacks for people unwilling to pay convention center prices.


I’m not sure who these boxes were promoting, but they made some interesting constructs all over the convo center.


10:00 was a bit too early for many conventioneers. As you can see through the windows, it’s raining today.


There was a lego building competition involving Flickr. There were some impressive creations, which I’ll find the tags and link to later this week.


Is this the line to a keynote or the top party? Nope – just the Starbucks cart between sessions.

I’ll upload more later – be sure to check out my twitter updates for more live reactions.

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