Using Holidays to Fundraise – Be Wise

Is today a holiday? Great – I’ll use it to fundraise.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and most nonprofits are gearing up for their busiest fundraising campaigns of the year. On that note, holidays are a special way to drive attention to your cause, but I recommend that you use some holidays cautiously.

Just because a holiday exists, doesn’t mean that you can effectively tie a call to action or donation ask around it. It’s obvious when organizations try too hard and are grasping for straws just to send another message. Chances are your constituents will appreciate that less is more, and want you to be thoughtful about what you’re sending them.

Picking and choosing what holidays fit your mission and are most relevant to your audience requires as much thoughtfulness as planning tactics for your other fundraising efforts – offline and online. It’s all about the content. What are you trying to accomplish? What types of occasions may help you achieve these goals? How that your efforts tie into the rest of your annual communications and fundraising plan?


  • Alternate giving programs – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day
  • E-cards or contests – Best if they are tailored specifically around a holiday. Develop specific materials around the special day and then promote accordingly.

Remember, simple and meaningful communications around holidays can still be fun and creative. Just remember to be smart about your selections and tailor content to your current and prospect audiences.

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