Web is increasingly important to major donors

The relationship with major donors has historically been one of high-touch: personal relationships, one-on-one communications, individual cultivation. When it came to a nonprofit’s Web site, major donors were not a top priority. The philosophy was that the Web site was (from a fundraising perspective) predominantly for communicating mission and impact generally and raising money from the masses.  We would be meeting the major donors needs by virtue of doing the first really well.

According to a new report published by Barclay’s Wealth, the Internet has become increasingly more important to high net worth individuals.  Not only are they increasinly relying on the Web for research into funding opportunities, but also on social networking and evaluating the impact of their donations.

I haven’t completely absorbed all of the report yet, but I’m already thinking about how we will help our clients reprioritize major donors on our next Web site redesign — and thinking about new ways to engage major donors online.  The wheels are churning (and at 5pm on a Friday no less)!

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