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Empowering Users & Scaling Programs with Mobile

Mobile app or mobile web? Allison Schutes of Ocean Conservancy (OC) and Beaconfire RED’s Lynn Labieniec and Mark Leta will share the pros and cons of each in this free webinar.  Walk through examples of both and the strategies behind them. Learn about OC’s mobile app, CleanSwell, and its data viz reporting system, TiDES, which have transformed and grown one of OC's most important programs, the International Coastal Cleanup.

Leave with a free checklist on how to plan a mobile project.


June 21, 2017

The Rise of Animations on the Web: The Good, The Bad & Clippy the Office Assistant

Simple animations are a hot design trend for websites as they can be a great way to get a user's attention, show how something works,  reveal meaningful content, or provide whimsy and delight.

The growing collection of micro-animation libraries has made the use of well-designed, purposeful animations easier to implement than ever. But beware, just because something is easy to use, doesn't mean it's always the best choice for your website and goals. 

Moderated by Jared Schwartz, Beaconfire RED's VP of Strategy & Innovation, our varied panel of experts (front-end developer, UX consultant and marketing consultant) discuss the growing trend and share examples of successful (and failed) animations.

Some of the topics we cover include:

·         When to (and not to) employ simple animations

·         How can animations help (and hurt) with website conversions

·         What user actions are best helped with animations

·         How to properly track user interaction with animations

·         Examples of animations that work & why

·         Examples of animations that fail & why

·         Technical considerations when using animations

·         Our favorite animation libraries

·         Use of animations in ad units

·         Why are we seeing an increase in animation use and what is the long-term trend

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April 5, 2017

Advanced Google Analytics: How to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Visitors

Do you know exactly what content and content paths are driving your donors, members and prospects to give, join, renew, buy, register and enroll across your various web properties? You could have a false view if your web analytics aren’t capturing the data you need.

Like many associations and nonprofits, The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has numerous website properties for various audiences–conference promotion and registrations, advocacy, online store, continuing education, careers and more. But they couldn’t see their users interacting across all the sites.

Beaconfire RED's Analytics and Conversion Lead Jen Boland and AOTA’S Digital Editor and Director of IT share how they underwent a major web analytics overhaul to obtain a single, 360-degree view of their users’ engagement, purchases and conversions across all their dozens of web properties.

 What you'll learn: 

  • How to determine what properties need to be a part of your one-account web analytics tracking (such as your website(s), sub-domains and third-party platforms).
  • Identify the cross-platform data you should be collecting from Advanced Google Analytics on a regular basis to obtain a single view of users across web properties.
  • How to implement advanced Google Analytics across your web properties per best practices.

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March 1, 2017

Digital Design Trends for 2017 & Beyond Webinar

In this interactive show-and-tell session, BF RED's design and user experience experts share the emerging - and continuing - top trends in digital design. We cover and show examples of trends with color, imagery style, animation, typography, and layout  (and much more).

If you're thinking about a redesign or just want to stay current with the latest digital design trends, don't miss this great session.

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February 1, 2017

How to Grow your Monthly Donor Program Without Breaking the Bank

You don't have to have a seven figure budget to grow your monthly program! 
Erica Waasdorp, author of Monthly Giving – The Sleeping Giant: How Small Gifts Can Become Powerful Tools to Support any Organization and principal of A Direct Solution, and Liz Murphy, EVP of Beaconfire RED, share how any organization, with budgets small and large, can leverage their digital and integrated channels to start or grow a monthly program.
We’ll walk through the 6 steps you need to take:
  • Setting your strategy and targeting the right audiences
  • The fundamental needs – website, forms, backend processing
  • Acquiring monthly donors 
  • Thanking and retaining them 
  • Upgrading donors
  • Testing monthly strategies and tactics

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September 27, 2016