What We’re Reading: Jan. 14, 2011

What’s going ’round Beaconfire’s virtual watercooler?  Glad you asked.

A new and unimproved zodiac threw some of us for a loop.  No one was ready to give up their sign – but especially not the newly minted Ophiuchuses (Ophiuchusi?).  Fortunately, CNN came to the rescue and the hubbub receded.

Watson may have walloped the competition on Jeopardy but Marissa is still our favorite contestant.  Are you smarter than a supercomputer?

An interesting discussion on allowing or not allowing blog comments sparked from this article.   Voices expressed opinions on both sides. Is there real value in the content of comments?  What about conversations that emerge among those who comment? As a blog author, are your obligated to respond to comments?   And while there was support for turning comments off to prevent conversations from degrading, I like Mark’s take on it. “Participating in the conversation by commenting is obviously just going to make more sense and be more convenient for most – including the really smart folks with something interesting to say.”

With phishing and spam schemes getting more sophisticated, it would be hard to be too careful when it comes to suspicious email.  Here’s a quiz to test your Phfishing and Spam iQ.  Take it, let us know how you did, and pass it on.

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