What we’re reading: Jan. 7, 2011

Keeping up with nonprofit technology is a priority at Beaconfire.  Given our team’s wide range of skills – from marketing and user experience to programming and project management – there’s a lot to stay on top of.  One way we share knowledge internally is the tried and true email list, Beaconfire-Chat.  But why keep it all inside?  Here are some highlights from this week’s BF-Chat:

VISO Give is a new You Tube channel launched by BroadbandTV. They aggregate video content from nonprofits, sort it by org name and mission.  We like that the majority of the ad revenue will be donated back to the nonprofits.  Here’s a story on Mashable.

L2 Digital IQ® Index: Public Sector measures and ranks the digital competence of 100 organizations across four dimensions: effectiveness of an organization’s site, digital marketing, social media, and mobile.” What’s your organization’s Digital IQ and how does it stack up?  National Beer Wholesalers of America – call us!

Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe and makes some of our interface engineers think about relocating – and anticipate the day that IE6 will be a thing of the past.

Don’t you love it when you’re reading one interesting blog post and it links you to something even better?   That very thing happened when I was reading this little jewel on UX Magazine about the versatility of news feeds and it pointed me in the direction of the NYT Skimmer.  The Skimmer presents NYT stories by section or topic in an iPaddish interface and allows you to CUSTOMIZE your view.

And, in case you forgot or didn’t already know, the agenda for NTC 2011 is online.

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