Our Innovation Themes for 2016

As a digital agency in a rapidly changing world, it is important for us to be thinking about where changes in technology may be taking our clients. There are many ways that we investigate and experiment what’s on the horizon, but one thing we did this year was to identify Innovation Themes for 2016 — the broad subject areas where we believe we should focus a fair amount of our efforts.

Why I’m co-chairing DMAW Digital Day and you should join me there on October 20

Staying current in our constantly changing digital marketing world can be a challenge – to say the least! With year-end and a new year around the corner, it’s especially important that we stay open to new and different strategies for meeting our goals.

Hacking our way to innovation

Most digital agencies are looking for ways to not only stay relevant in the marketplace but also to inspire their teams to take risks and innovate. Recently we held an internal “Hackathon” to explore what would happen when let staff run a bit wild with their imagination and skills.

The outcome was geekily glorious.

I sat down with Jared Schwartz, our VP of strategic innovation, and Thomas Taylor, the software engineer who organized the event, to learn more about what happened during those two days.

Proud of our 2015 WebAward winners

Every day we are proud to work with mission-driven organizations who are making a real difference in the world. And some days (like today) we’re over the moon when their work is honored by the digital industry.


The SXSW 2016 Panel Picker is now open for voting

It’s that time of year again, when hopeful speakers submit their brilliant ideas for March’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival (otherwise known as Geek Spring Break). For those unfamiliar with the selection process, SXSW asks the community for help choosing which of the submitted sessions will be featured by voting for their favorite topics in the infamous Panel Picker.

Vote for Our NTC Sessions!

It’s that time of the year again, when hopeful speakers submit sessions to our favorite conferences and then beg you to vote for us. This time, we need your help to get our AMAZING proposals selected for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) so we can share our big ideas with new people who aren’t yet tired of hearing about them.

Seriously. Our friends, families and colleagues are also begging you to vote and just shut us up already.

Beaconfire+RedEngine, Still counting…

This is the last in a series of posts celebrating our merger. Last week I counted off the first 7 ways I love this merger. This last batch kicks off with #7 The combined experience our staff have from both the private and public sectors is pretty amazing. #8 We are both super committed to the social good sector.

Beaconfire+RedEngine, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Always the overachiever, we came up with 14 ways we love our Beaconfire RedEngine merger. #1 We’re powerful together and can do a better job together at growing our client’s supporters and advocates than apart. #2 We missed not working together as we did 15 years ago at AppNet and then Commerce One. #3 Google made us do it…psych! #4 We can be even more innovative, leading to #5 even stronger results for our clients. #6 It was all just to get our hands on Rosa’s Guacamole recipe (truly worth

Beaconfire + Red Engine = A beautiful thing…

I’m thrilled to announce that we merged with RedEngine Digital on May 1st and are now Beaconfire RedEngine. Jeff Herron and I welcome Liz Murphy as our new co-owner.

What We’re About

Earlier this week, one of my colleagues sent around an email with this title: “Why work at Beaconfire?” Since we craft engaging subject lines for a living, of course I opened the email and saw this: